Public Marketing Idea Bulletin 01/2024

New books written by Professor Foret

In his recent monographs, „Marketing Research in Sustainable Marketing Management“ (Prague, 2021) and „For Creative and Sustainable Marketing Management“ (Prague, 2023), Professor Miroslav Foret emphasises the crucial role of communication in sustainable marketing. He underscores the importance of providing customers and the public with unbiased information regarding the advantages and limitations of offered products, the adverse impacts of their production, and the risks associated with their distribution and consumption.

Professor Foret recommends promoting verifiably healthy offerings. To achieve this, he advocates for marketing communication that is not only fair but also truthful, open, and infused with creativity. These books reveal how marketing can be efficient, ethical, and eco-friendly.

Uncover the future of sustainable marketing through the insights shared in Professor Foret’s book!


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